The Studio

HCH Studios is a Bristol based recording studio, situated in Brislington, Bristol’s south east corner. Nestled in the roof space of Firebird Studios, the studio has been designed as a creative tracking space, which has been acoustically treated to utilise many different sonic options. We will work with you to create a sound that best suits your project, whatever it may be. HCH Studios has a variety of analogue and digital recording tools, giving you a wide variety of sonic choices. No genre is off limits, and you can rest assured that our many years of experience will help you achieve the very best results. We also harness the variety of professional musicians that live here in Bristol. On our Meet the Band page, you can find a selection of players covering many instruments. If you like the look of any of them and think your music would benefit from their particular skill set, then simply add them onto your recording submission form.



We understand the constraints of being an unsigned musician. Making the decision to embark upon an album recording is not one to be taken lightly. HCH Studios is here to help with every step towards your goal; we can offer advice on unfinished material or suggest certain directions for your music. Making music is our primary goal and first love, and we want our clients to feel like they can invest their time and energy into their recording without the stress of spiralling costs. We’ll work on your song together, until it’s finished and everyone is happy.

HCH Studios offers very competitive rates. For more information on prices, check out the ‘Our Services’ dropdown menu.


Alice 828 Analogue broadcasting desk

Focusrite Clarett 8pre

AMEK 9089 Mic Pre

Avalon AD244 Outboard Compressor

Apple Mac Mini

Plugins by Waves, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, Good-hertz, Soft Tube, Audio Ease, D16 & More

AKG 214’s, P70

Shure SM7B, BETA52, SM57

Sennheiser e609’s

t.bone RB500’s

Earthworks QTC’s

Not to mention a collection of old and new quirky instruments, each with their own character!

 Recording on location in Meribel, the French Alps with Albert Jones