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If our recording and production service sounds appealing and you wish to get involved, simply fill out the submission form below.

What we need from you:

  • The Initial Idea Whether it’s a rough recording on your phone, or on your computer, send us your musical idea. If you use a particular music programme such as Garageband, Logic, Cubase or Protools, then simply send over a bounced file (mp3 or WAV) in the submission form below. Be warned that the larger the file you wish to send, the longer the submission form will take to process.
  • Pick Your Band  Click any of the instruments listed below that you would like us to record. There is also a wide selection of fine session musicians available to you, to find out more visit the Meet the Band page.
  • Reference Tracks –  If you have any songs in mind that you like the sound of, then point us in their direction so we can take a listen. Although this isn’t compulsory, it can often be really handy when trying to find the sound you’re after.

Following completion of the form, we will arrange a chat either on Skype or on the phone to discuss the recording further and iron out any concerns you may have.

Once the recordings have been completed, you will receive an mp3 to review. At this stage you have the chance to make 2 ammendments free of charge, whether it be an adjustment to the mix or changing the sound of something in particular. Once you’re happy, we will then send the full quality files to you in a format of your choosing, either as a bounced stereo file, or each individual stem for you to mix elsewhere.

If you have any questions OR OTHER GENERAL QUERIES, feel free to email at