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Albert Jones is back with more blues from the mountains

Albert Jones Nothing Else

Friday saw Albert Jones release his new single ‘Nothing Else’.

The track is a delicate mix of swirling guitar and strong melodies. Al tells the tale of love and strife, overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger as a result.

We had a lot of fun recording this. I was given the reigns to really shape and develop the soundscape with Al, based on his guitar approach. For example, his choice of clustered chords paired with lush, long tail reverbs supplied the impetus for a contrasting dry drum sound. These decisions helped me make the production choices from there on, and it was a fairly straightforward process. We also utilised the use of space within the mix to really let the vocal take centre stage, and get his message across.

Following the fantastic job she delivered on the last single, we again employed the vocal talents of Louise Victoria. As always she brought brilliant suggestions to the session, providing us with some lovely ethereal harmonies. Whenever she is on a session I am confident that she will find a way of enhancing the track. This time was no exception!

We’re pretty chuffed with how the track came out. You can give it a listen here:

Following this release, Albert Jones will be out on the road promoting the single. They kick off in Penzance on the 31st October. For more info visit his website.

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