Live at the Parlour – Martin Harley

Check out this ‘live at the Parlour session’ featuring songs from the new album

Live at the Parlour - Martin Harley

Back in October, Martin Harley hit the road with his band to tour his new record ‘Roll With the Punches’. The tour stretched from Glasgow to Cornwall, with plenty of stops along the way. While down south we recorded a live performance with the RouteNote Sessions, ahead of that night’s show in Truro. ‘Live at the Parlour’ is a great live session series, featuring some great performances from bands far and wide. Check out their YouTube channel here.

The Live at the Parlour session team consists of a number of creative talents in the audio and visual world, all based in Cornwall. It’s great to see so much creativity coming from the county. I lived there for a number of years and really enjoyed being part of the arts community. Cornwall seems to have a special ability to nurture young talent before releasing them into the wider world.

On the Road

I was lucky enough to join Martin and co on the tour in the drum seat. It was a real joy to work on the album, which I co-produced, performed on and mixed (Click here to read more about making the album). We were keen to bring the songs to the stage and to the people. It was a great success, and we had a lot of fun along the way. The new material was met with overwhelming positivity, which always bolsters those decisions made when committing the songs to record.

Check out the Live at the Parlour session below!