Mega Music Friday!

Releases galore to sink your teeth (ears) into.

There has been a great deal of new releases since the lockdown period began. Artists suddenly found themselves with time on their hands and plenty to write about. There have been numerous challenges to tackle this year as a nation and civilisation. This adversity inevitably feeds into the creative minds of musicians and artists alike. In a bid to understand and digest the world we face in 2020, music is often turned to as a way to interpret the situation that surrounds us.

As a recording studio it’s always a great privilege to be part of this creative process. Over the past few months it’s been a surprisingly busy time at HCH. Musicians and artists started recording at home and collaborating with each other across the world. With mixing and post production, you can become part of that overall vision and add your own voice.

This week there are numerous releases of singles, EP’s and acoustic versions of tracks that have all come out of HCH Studios. Below is a selection of some of those releases.

The Wingmen – Hold Tight

Releases - The Wingmen

This group of lads hail from Méribel, in the mountains of the French Alps. They are predominantly known for their energetic live shows across the ski resorts and back in the UK, bringing their unique brand of party cover tunes to various celebrations far and wide. They also write their own original music too, and took the opportunity during lockdown to begin recording their efforts, starting with their recent release, ‘Hold Tight‘.

Albert Jones – On Our Feet Again

Releases - Jones

Another export of the mountains, Albert Jones continues his creative output with a new collection of songs, produced and mixed remotely at HCH Studios. His writing is on top form, and the new EP has a more mature and pensive attitude, reflecting on the state of things both personally and globally. The EP was released today, to stream or purchase. Click HERE to listen.

Irawo – Ayé

Releases - Irawo

Cardiff based Nigerian artist Abayomi Mudashiru, or Irawo, has released positive but questioning single, Ayé. It has an infectious Afrobeat groove, from the mind of producer K-Vibez, which you can’t help but move to. The video has also just been released, which you can watch HERE.

Martin Harley – Roll With the Punches (Acoustic Version)

Releases - Martin Harley

It was a joy to work with Martin again following the success of his latest album, Roll With the Punches that was released last year. We had a great time creating and compiling that album, and having the chance to reimagine the title song was a lovely experience too.

Martin says:

“It’s an acoustic version of ‘Roll With The Punches’ from the album of the same name and features Daniel Kimbro on upright bass. During lockdown I thought it would be fun to strip some songs from the album back to their bare bones. This was recorded at home on a National resonator guitar. Daniel added his magic remotely from his home in Knoxville Tennessee. We are currently working on a collaborative album (Harley Kimbro Lewis) due for release in the spring of 2021.” 

Mixed here at HCH, there is more in the pipeline from this project so keep your ears pinned… Click HERE to listen.

Hearing Aid Beige – Daydream

Hearing Aid Beige

Hearing Aid Beige co-founder Tommy Williams has been a longtime friend and colleague of HCH’s Harry Harding. Starting out as a live engineer in Cornwall, he eventually expanded into studio engineering and production and over the years developed his own style and music direction. The result is this duo, based in Totnes, Devon. The drums on this track were played and recorded at HCH. You can listen HERE.

Sam Animal – Ultra Marine/Luna Loon

Sam Animal

Sam’s creative output is impressive, as is his writing skills. He and his band popped by the studio last year to track drums for this latest batch of releases. His evocative lyrics are delivered with absolute authority with a beautiful but strong voice and underpinned by beautiful guitar dexterity and instrumentation. Harry first worked with Sam in Cornwall years ago, as part of the ‘Save the Orphanage‘ Project and they have kept in contact over the years. It’s always great to be able to champion your friends talents and this is no exception! Listen to Sam’s numerous releases HERE.

There’s plenty here to dig into, and we’re so happy to have been a part of each of them. The great news is there’s even more to come very soon! It’s testament to the incredible artists and their will to keep creating in the face of adversity.

If you are interested in recording or collaborating, being produced or have mixes that need some external input then don’t hesitate to get in touch.