Lucky You – Elly J Devon

Elly is back with her follow up single, Lucky You!

Lucky You - Elly J Devon

Elly J Devon has released another track to follow her 2019 Debut. This single, entitled Lucky You, explores the feeling of belonging. It’s obvious Elly has taken some time to appreciate what it is to have had tangible relationships with friends, family and loved ones. This ballad is a reflection on the importance of those key figures, and how often they’re taken for granted.

As with her first release, Lucky You is another collaboration between Elly, engineer/producer Tommy Williams, and arranger Ben Sutcliffe. The track called for super simple percussion, to not deter from the lyrics. Therefore I simply added cymbal swells at key moments to lift the intensity and dynamic. Also, the strings wrap around the vocal beautifully, making such a stirring backdrop for the lyric’s sentiment to hang on.

This project is a perfect example of how well remote collaboration can work. It’s important to earn the trust of the musicians and producers you work with, let alone the artists themselves. As an artist, you are often putting an immense amount of trust in the person you are working with to bring your music to life. It’s such a good feeling when the artist is happy with the end result!

Lucky You is available to stream everywhere you find music. You can listen below and click the link for more info straight from the source!