Bristol Musicians

Shining a light on the south west’s treasure trove of talent

Bristol’s musicians

We all know the big names; Massive Attack, Portishead, Roni Size, Tricky and more recently Idles. And who can forget Bananarama? Not to mention the late great DJ Derek. Bristol has always had a burgeoning music scene. It’s chequered history entrenched in the slave trade has brought a tremendous amount of diversity to the city and the artistic output is consistently high. There seems to be a ‘scene’ for every niche genre of art or music. Bristol’s musicians are an enteral part of its society and identity.

It stands to reason then that there would be a high volume of musicians and artists in the city. This would be an understatement! Districts like St Werburghs and Stokes Croft are teeming with creatives, not to mention the steady stream of students who flock there every year to get their taste of creativity. This doesn’t include the myriad pubs and clubs who host live music or open mic nights, encouraging all to get involved in the city’s art culture.

Bristol’s Musicians – The Community

I moved here nearly a decade ago wanting my own experience of the musical city. Growing up not far from the city I would visit as a child and even then could feel the creative electricity in the air. The city felt different from others I’d visited; a little big and scary for a country boy but also accessible and exciting, inviting even. It had a draw that beckoned me in, to explore and immerse myself in it’s culture. It worked, I’m still here!

It’s often the case that musicians flock to London to follow their musical dreams. Carving a career for themselves in the industry as a session player or ‘making it’ in a signed band. As a result the capital city is rammed with talent all trying to shine the brightest. It can breed a vicious and unfriendly atmosphere between musical peers, all fighting for the same few opportunities. Bristol feels the opposite of this. From my experience, Bristol’s musicians are friendly and supportive of each other’s projects. It feels like a genuine community, all working hard to produce the best and most creative output they can.

Want to know more?

That’s why I decided to do my part in contributing to the scene. The Meet the Band page is a window into some of the talent that Bristol and the south west has to offer. Artists and musicians covering an array of disciplines and genres are waiting to collaborate and contribute to your music! Find out just why this city has the crop of ability it boasts by trying them out now!