Albert Jones New Single

A new single and visuals fresh from the French Alps

Albert Jones new single

Albert Jones New Single

Albert Jones has released a brand new music video in support of his latest single, ‘Long Way Round’. This track was largely recorded here at HCH Studios, with additional parts recorded remotely.

It’s always a pleasure to work on a track with Al, but I also had the honour of working with Chris ‘CJ’ Hillman. He performs alongside the likes of Billy Bragg and Ethan Johns, and is a master of subtle texturing. Whether he’s using his pedal steel, dobro, or more conventional electric guitar, he slots into the tune seamlessly. He recorded his parts remotely, and I feel provided the perfect additional layers to glue the track together.

The video follows Al on his travels around the French countryside where he currently resides, as he ponders on his journey through love and life.

Check out the Albert Jones new single and accompanying video below!

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