William the Conqueror

New Single ‘Wake Up’ Released Today William The Conqueror have released the first single from their upcoming album. Titled ‘Wake Up’, the track is an explosive and animated visit into the mind of William, and an infatuation with a corner of his imagination. It’s 3:34 of youthful exuberance; with playful lyrics over bubbling bass and

Mega Music Friday!

Releases galore to sink your teeth (ears) into. There has been a great deal of new releases since the lockdown period began. Artists suddenly found themselves with time on their hands and plenty to write about. There have been numerous challenges to tackle this year as a nation and civilisation. This adversity inevitably feeds into

See You When You Get There

New lockdown release from Albert Jones The recent weeks and months have been stressful and disorientating for us all. For many, the prospect of being shut in their homes and stripped of their freedom of movement has meant days of groundhog day style boredom and frustration. For some though, this period has been a blessing

Covid-19 and it’s Impact on the Music Industry

The Artists Surviving the Unknown These are uncertain times indeed. It is not often that people across the world are universally plunged into the same state of crisis. The Artists of the music industry are no different. I can only speak in regards to the music industry, but the ripples of the virus are far

Lucky You – Elly J Devon

Elly is back with her follow up single, Lucky You! Elly J Devon has released another track to follow her 2019 Debut. This single, entitled Lucky You, explores the feeling of belonging. It’s obvious Elly has taken some time to appreciate what it is to have had tangible relationships with friends, family and loved ones.