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Roll With The Punches

The new single from Martin Harley Martin Harley has dropped the first single from his upcoming album of the same name, ‘Roll With The Punches’. It was recorded at Studiowz in West Wales, and mixed here at HCH Studios. I also had the pleasure of co-producing and playing on the album, so it has very

Red Light Fever

Conquering the fear of recording We’ve all been there; the record button is pressed, the red light goes on… and we freeze. Red light fever strikes! There’s a very specific kind of pressure that forms as soon as someone presses the record button and you embark on what you hope to be your best performance,

A day in the life… HCH Studios

Working remotely for clients near and far Harry Harding at HCH Studios Here at HCH Studios every day is slightly different. I have the opportunity to work with many different artists, all with their own style or spin on a genre. Being based in Bristol this fact is only accentuated, with it being such a

Recording at Home

How to record at home: 5 simple steps towards getting your perfect take Practice practice practice Pick your format Micing Wait for the take… Don’t give up! In today’s technologically advanced world, it’s becoming easier and easier to successfully record at home. It’s the subject of much debate, with industry experts both singing it’s praises

A Day in the Life… Albert Jones

Recording his Unplugged EP My relationship with Alex Jones and his Moniker Albert spans over a decade. We met in the doorway of a Chinese takeaway and have been good friends and musically linked ever since. We have been involved in so much musical creation and as a result developed a strong synergy when it