John Pratt

HCH Studios recording and production

Playing For: I started playing paid gigs when I was 15. I'm now 43. I've had a few years off here and there too, but basically since I was 26/27 I've been trying to do the pro thing.

Musical Education: I don't have any formal music education. Studied at school but have always learnt and gigged myself.

Favourite Genre(s): Ah...don't have one. I listen to anything from Americana to modern experimental jazz. Depends very much on my mood and emotional state of mind.

Favourite Musician(s): Again, this ties in with the genres. It really depends on where I'm at. John Coltrane, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Yola Carter.

Favourite Musical Moment:  Playing The Letterman Show with The Heavy. Playing The Blue Note Tokyo with Hannah Williams & The Affirmations. They're definitely a couple big highlights. But I've had some cracking little pub shows where it all goes off and that is a good thing.