Craig Crofton

HCH Studios recording and production

Playing For: 30 years... OUCH

Musical Education: Studied with Marcus Printup who now plays alongside Wynton Marsalis in the world famous Lincoln Centre Band. 2 years at Florida State University School of Music.

Favourite Genre(s): I’m a jazzer at heart but have a diverse range of styles and interest musically. I started playing professionally with a rhythm and blues band at the age of 15 in Jacksonville Florida but soon thereafter was studying and playing jazz. Since I’ve been in Bristol I’ve had the pleasure of playing and recording with some amazing artists that really cover a wildly varied spectrum of styles from hip hop and drum and bass to Columbian Cumbria.

Favourite Musician(s): I’m sure all of us would find this a tricky question to answer! Miles Davis is a hero of mine for lots of reasons. He’s an innovator and unapologetic about his attitude and approach to art. He had a penchant for staying on or near the edge of his art form his whole career. As soon as people had figured out how to “cop” his style he was already forging new ground and leaving people guessing.

Favourite Musical Moment: When I first moved to Bristol I had the pleasure of playing with my good friend and colleague Guy Calhoun on Radio 4’s Loose Ends program. It was a live performance and unbeknownst to me went out to 20 million listeners!!!! This was quite a few years ago and Ned Sherringdon was still alive and presenting the show. We had no idea who was on the show with us until we stepped into the green room and sitting in the room was the entire crew of League of Gentlemen, Vidal Sassoon and Mariella Fostrup. Being fresh off the boat from the States I didn’t have a clue who Mariella Fostrup or the League of Gentlemen were so I wasn’t star struck! I just sat right down right next to them and had a great chat like we were waiting for a pint in the pub! I had a good chat with Vidal regarding my hair and he gave me some great advice which I took to heart and shaved my head into a mohawk the next time I went to the hair dressers. After we played I was rushing to catch the Eurostar to play shows in Paris with a trip hop band called Monk and Canatella. I remember jumping on the train and telling the person sat next to me I had just been on the radio with vidal sassoon and the guy looked at me like I was full of shit. Just at that moment the person sat in front of me turned around in his seat and said “you were the guy we were just listening to on the radio!” I must admit it was a moment for me where I really felt like I had done something really big and been recognised for it!


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