Clare Tomlinson

Playing For: 25 years

Musical Education: Jazz & Contemporary World Music Degree & Grade 8 Violin (ABRSM).

Favourite Genre(s): I love the passion conveyed by the violin in tango, gypsy jazz & klesmer.

Favourite Musician(s): I never get tired of the combination of Martin Hayes (fiddle) & Dennis Cahill (guitar) as a duo. But as a soloist, Stuff Smith gets my vote for his dirty sliding around his jazzy violin ‘back in the day’.

Favourite Musical Moment: Playing with the Levellers at Bristol O2 Academy. But I must confess I probably had ‘proud’ tattooed on my face when I was 11 years old singing Italian as a street urchin in LaBoheme with Rene Flemming as Mimi, grasping the bottom of my shredded dress and swinging from side to side hoping that everyone could see my and my blushing cheeks!

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