Chris Jones

Playing For: 10+ years.

Musical Education: I have an undergrad in Jazz from Exeter uni, and a post grad in Jazz Studies from Birmingham conservatoire.

Favourite Genre(s): Jazz is my passion, but I love playing all music. I feel equally at home playing hip hop as I do country.

Favourite Musician(s): This is a can of worms! The musicians that I look up tour the guys that have an original and distinct voice on the instruments, and also manage to be good honest people. Charlie Haden was my first musical hero, he had a very beautiful melodic approach to the double bass, you always feel like you’re getting 100% Charlie. Tim LeFabvre is someone who manages to suit every musical situation he puts himself in, and plays with a lot of heart.

Favourite Musical Moment: All of them; I’m at my happiest when I’m playing, be it big festival or little pub gig. I’m proud that I’m able to make this my career, I’m very grateful for that.


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