Ben Sutcliffe

Playing For: 28 years.
Musical Education: Grade 8 Distinction in Violin. I was a classical scholar at Marlborough College, where I led the orchestra and choir. This is where I received my musical training. From there I moved into live touring and session work, which exposed me to many styles of music including world, reggae and hip hop as well as the classical that I grew up with. My experiences broadened into the world of musical direction for various theatre companies, especially with the prestigious Rogue Theatre and Knee High.
Favourite Genre(s): Classical, european, Yann Tiersen.
Favourite Musician(s): Nina Simone, Snarky Puppy and Mendelssohn.
Favourite Musical Moment: When I led my band, The People’s String Foundation at the St Ives Guildhall to a packed out house. It was an honour to be playing my music supported by an orchestra of such fantastic musical talent.