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A Day in the Life… Martin Harley

Recording his latest album, ‘Roll With the Punches’ Martin Harley is one of the UK’s most authentic blues and slide guitarists, and regularly tours the globe singing songs about his life on the road and the stories he gathers along the way. I met Martin many years ago in Cornwall, when a band I was

More music from Albert Jones

Albert Jones is back with more blues from the mountains Friday saw Albert Jones release his new single ‘Nothing Else’. The track is a delicate mix of swirling guitar and strong melodies. Al tells the tale of love and strife, overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger as a result. We had a lot of fun recording

Bristol Musicians

Shining a light on the south west’s treasure trove of talent We all know the big names; Massive Attack, Portishead, Roni Size, Tricky and more recently Idles. And who can forget Bananarama? Not to mention the late great DJ Derek. Bristol has always had a burgeoning music scene. It’s chequered history entrenched in the slave

Roll With The Punches

The new single from Martin Harley Martin Harley has dropped the first single from his upcoming album of the same name, ‘Roll With The Punches’. It was recorded at Studiowz in West Wales, and mixed here at HCH Studios. I also had the pleasure of co-producing and playing on the album, so it has very

Red Light Fever

Conquering the fear of recording We’ve all been there; the record button is pressed, the red light goes on… and we freeze. Red light fever strikes! There’s a very specific kind of pressure that forms as soon as someone presses the record button and you embark on what you hope to be your best performance,